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Graffiti Removal Program


 Graffiti Removal


Lane Cove ALIVE has been working with Lane Cove Council on a Graffiti Removal Program.

This program  involves the removal of graffiti by Council at no charge and covers the village retail/commercial precinct. This is a great service and certainly does assist in combating the graffiti problem.  Please contact Lane Cove Council To report any new graffiti please call 9911 3606.

Initially the Rapid Graffiti Removal Program was part funded by LCA allocated funding. 2007 - 2009 and special procedures were required for removing tags from individual businesses as they were private property.

Changesregarding the removal of graffiti in Local Government Areas from both private and public buildings have been legislated and this means Council has wider authority to act.

Lane Cove Council manages this service through the Sustsainability Levy.  Lane Cove ALIVE monitors, photographs and reports any occurrences.  LCC's Rangers monitor, record and remove tags on a very regular basis.

Thankfully Lane Cove is remarkable free of graffiti however from time to time widespread tagging can appear overnight.

 Lane Cove ALIVE has also been in touch with the RTA regarding the maintenance of the southern approaches to Lane Cove and the cycle path.  Thankfully this has also been kept relatively clear after an initial extra push from LCA Management.




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